Holiday Home Tours: Anderson Museum of Art Festivity

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Home Tours Unveiling Artistry by Anderson Museum of Art

The Anderson Museum of Art is about to make this holiday season extra special with the Holiday Home Tours! Forget about paintings or photos; this time, it’s all about the art of turning homes into festive wonderlands. This Sunday, they’ve lined up five local homeowners, and one of them is Mandee Spano, the creative mind behind the Anderson Museum of Art.

Get Your Ticket!

This fantastic event on Sunday requires a ticket, but don’t worry—it’s just $10, and it’s worth every cent. You can grab one online or at any of the featured homes. With the ticket, you get a handy map leading you to these beautifully decorated homes scattered across the county.

Anderson Museum of Art Make Homey Holiday Vibes

Each house on the tour has some cool stuff planned for visitors, including snacks and surprises by Anderson Museum of Art. Even Mandee Spano’s place in Daleville will have something extra special. She absolutely loves decking out her home for the holidays—it’s like her own form of art, combining her love for design and the artistic flair she inherited from her mom, Carolynn Geesaman.

A Family Tradition

Spano’s mom was a holiday decoration maestro. She was so good at it that she turned her talent into a job at Country Sampler Magazine. She even had a gang, the “C” Team, that decorated a trailer and made it a part of a tiny parade, spreading holiday joy all around.

Passing Down the Cheer

Spano’s passing that same cheer to her own kiddo, who’s just 10 but already helping with the decorations. Sara Davis is also into holiday decorations, getting help from her kids to jazz up her place, which she’s turned into a cozy spot over the past decade.

A DIY Decorator

Davis not only decorates her home but also teaches others through her blog and social media. Her Pendleton house is full of stories and warmth, and she’s thrilled to share it with folks during the tour in Anderson Museum of Art.

Family Fun in the Festivities

Over at Kameron and Hannah Robinson’s place, their little ones might be too young to lend a hand, but they’ve managed some neat period-style decorations that add a cozy vibe to their historic home on 11th Street in Anderson Museum of Art. The Robinsons are all set to showcase the festive charm of their cozy abode!

A Holiday Spirit Get-Together

According to Spano, Sunday isn’t just about touring these decorated homes and getting ideas—it’s about diving headfirst into the holiday spirit. It’s a chance for folks who love this kind of stuff to come together and celebrate the season.

So, if you’re looking to be inspired by festive decorations, gather some ideas for your own home, or just want to revel in the joyous holiday atmosphere, the Holiday Home Tours in Anderson Museum of Art is the place to be this Sunday! Don’t miss out on the creativity and warmth these homes have to offer during this special time of the year.

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