Worst Skins in Overwatch 2: Let’s Jump Into The Chaos!

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Hello, players! Are you ready for some funny and embarrassing points? Here is a list of the worst skins in Overwatch 2 that will make you question the makers’ choices. Let’s jump right into the chaos!

Worst Skins in Overwatch 2: The Commando Sojourn Skin is a Camo Disaster

The Commando Sojourn Skin is the first one we have. It looks like a child was given a bucket of camouflage paint and told to “go wild!” As a result? A bunch of colors that don’t go together at all. It looks terrible in camouflage and would only fit in the Hall of Shame.

Worst Skins in Overwatch 2: Glam Moira Skin: It Looks More Like Glum Moira

Moira, Moira, and Moira. What did this happen? The Glam Moira Skin tries too hard to look good that it forgets to be cool. This skin is more “glum” than “glam,” with accessories that sparkle but look like they came from a dollar shop. This is a terrible dress choice that not even the coolest heroes would make.

Moira Skin, a mask dancer: a bad dance

Get ready to cringe as you dance with the Mask Dancer Moira Skin. Someone should have thought it was a good idea to put a mask on Moira and make her dance like she’s at a middle school prom. This skin’s dance is so bad that it will make you wonder what the Overwatch 2 design team was thinking.

The Lightning Tracer skin is shockingly bad.

Tracer is known for having cool and unique style, but the Lightning Tracer Skin changes that. There are lightning bolts all over the place that make her look like she got caught in a storm. There is so much wrong with this skin that it makes us wonder, “What were they thinking?”

Worst Skins in Overwatch 2: The skin of Tal Ana is a terrible choice.

The Tal Ana Skin is the last but not least. That’s a terrible choice that makes Ana look like she’s wearing a medieval fair reject. The bulky, uncomfortable gear looks like it would be better on a knight than a skilled sniper. We want to cover our eyes from the fashion disaster because of the mistake in the design.

In conclusion, this lineup is laughable.

These skins are very noticeable in VTBET Overwatch 2, where heroes are known for their epic style. We don’t understand these styles, which range from dance disasters to camo disasters. But hey, they make us laugh at least! Do not worry, everything is only for fun. We look forward to seeing what new crazy skins Overwatch 2 has in store. Until then, have fun gaming, and may your skins always look good!

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